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.COM Domain Names for $8.99

Welcome to Domain Hostmaster, a business internet technologies company that enables and enhances online professionals' experience with excellent competitive prices, less cross-selling, friendly service and even better support. Start your domain name search here. Add a web server, hosting, setup Managed WordPress or sign-up for our Website Builder (please note that simple site hosting is included in the Managed Wordpress or Website Builder packages).

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.COM Top Level Domains Only About $9.00 (+/-)

We are home of the $9.00 'TLD' (Top Level Domain). We have managed to keep the .COM TLDs at $8.99; unfortunately, it looks like the .COM TLD name extension will soon be joining the ranks of the .NET & .ORG TLD name extension pricing due to corporate greed by the supplying registry (we don't like it, either). However, we are running special deals on different domain extensions when possible. See the regular price chart to the right for our prices on the main TLDs (Top Level Domains) we offer. Plus, we are bulk registration and bulk transfer friendly.


New ICANN Global Top Level Domain Extensions Available!

We not only support the registration of global Top Level Domain extensions (.com/.net/.org/.biz/.me/.info, etc.), but we also support country code domain extensions (.us/.ws/.tv/.co/.de/, etc.) as well as the new global TLD extensions recently released by ICANN to allow small business to register good names (.company/.services/.solutions/.tools/.tips are only 5 of a long list of new domain name extensions available). An incomplete list is in the right hand column of this page, and is mirrored on the nTLDs list page, but new TLD extensions are added all the time. Of course, you can always choose from the elder gTLD extensions, or see the current country code extensions offered. We would be happy to assist in making your best choice in your preferred domain name.


Plenty of Free Extras with Each Domain Name

Each and every domain name sold comes with freebies: Free Complete Email Account, Free Domain Forwarding/Masking, Free Change of Registration, Free Domain Name Locking, Free Domain Status Change Alerts, Free Parked Page, Free Total DNS Control & Free 100 Email Forwards (aka Email Aliases).


Risk-Free Domain Transfers!

Transfer a domain in from another registrar and get a year extension, starting at $8.99 for a .COM domain. Other Top Level Domains (TLDs) transfer in for about $12 to $14 (+/-).


Private Registrations

Protect yourself from spam, fraud, stalkers and worse by keeping your name, address, email and phone number private. Private domain registration is available after your domain name choice selection just prior to checkout and are extremely affordable! Available FREE when you register or transfer-in five or more domains on one order.



WorldWide Web Domain Names (& Services)

Are you a web designer, developer, SEO, online marketer or domaining professional? We have a great deal for pros who register and/or provide hosting (for themselves, the business and/or their clientele).

Now you can design your own rebranded Domain Name Registrar and/or Web Hosting instant reseller storefront site!

Online pro? Design your own custom shop. Sell these same great web products and services to yourself or your company at wholesale, to the public at your price point.

Resell to the public for profit with a site similar to this one which you can customize to your requirements. Expand your product/service reach with W3 Domains & Networking.



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