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Domain Hostmaster is proud to offer a wide variety of domain name extensions to the public. This allows customers to easily search for and register viable names at affordable rates intended for online professionals. However, the list of available extensions used to be manageable by selecting an extension from a simple drop-down menu. Recently, ICANN has released 128 new global Top Level Domain (gTLD) name extensions.

In the interest of usability and website friendliness, we now allow our customers to input the domain name extension of their choice into a text field, instead of scrolling forever to find a selection. But with 128 new gTLDs and many more on the way, our customer has to know which ones are available. This page is meant to serve that purpose by listing all of the gTLD (global Top Level Domain) extensions and ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) extensions available for registration at Domain Hostmaster.


Traditional TLD Extensions

The above domain name registry extensions were among the original 7 Top Level Domains (TLDs along with .edu, .mil, .gov & .int) which were grandfathered into the ICANN system when it was established.

ICANN gTLD Extensions

New ICANN gTLD Extensions (aka: nTLD or gTLD)

ccTLD Extensions


All TLD extensions
Pre-2014 gTLD registries
New ICANN gTLD registries
Country (ccTLD) registries


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