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This section was re-instituted on September 1st, 2014, to alert our customers of online issues with the new ICANN Era gTLD extensions and any issues with domains, websites, hosting, servers or tools. This news was reflected at our Google+ Community page until Google+ was shut down.

News Posts:


Pricing Issues Corrected

Thursday, November 17th, 2022; 8:05 PM CT

On October 16th, 2022 the upstream domain name registrar (Wild West Domains) made a required change to the prices charged for quite a number of Top Level Domain name extensions. One of these domains was our best selling .COM TLD name extension. I had already attempted to set the pricing on all the domain name extensions previously, but the new pricing system wasn't working. On October 16th when the new pricing was supposed to go into affect, I attempted to set the pricing to a very simple 10% profit for all our domain names. Unfortunately, this attempt had no affect on the prices charged. All prices remained the same. It takes 24 hours to realize a price change, and because all of the Wild West Domains independent registration services were probably trying to adjust their pricing accordingly (because the price adjustment tool had not been working previously), this task may have taken longer than anticipated.

However, on October 17th, 2022, I had already given the system the required 24 hours to accomodate the required price changes, and there was no change reflected in the domain name yearly registration prices. I had never intended to sell .COM domain registration and transfers for the default price of $16.99 and was furious that the price configurator was apparently still not working and that this price was live in the shop, so I changed the pricing structure to 1.5% profit. Finally, after 3 days, there was a change in the pricing, but it was still too high.

On October 20th, the $11.99/yr registration price of a .COM TLD name was still too high, so I set the profit margin for the online store products to 0.5% profit. After another 3 days the resulting .com per year registration price corrected to $10.99 on October 23rd, 2022. It seems that the providing registrar (WWD), is bumping up the final retail price for all of their independent reseller registration services. It also seems like this is the best price Domain Hostmaster is allowed to sell annual .COM domain registrations for.

Because I was awaiting the backend for the online store prices to resolve for about a week, it took some time to reflect the updated domain name yearly registration prices at the address. For this, I do humbly apologize.

Why is it important to offer rock bottom prices for domain names? Most of our customers are professionals that have access to low prices elsewhere. Some are domainers that develop names into working branded websites and then sell them. Some are web designers, developers and webmasters, site optimizers and online marketers. If I do not offer extremely low prices for annual domain name registrations and transfers I risk losing these professionals as customers to some other outfit with a huge marketing engine.

Therefore, I am truly sorry about the price issues.
-Domain Hostmaster & parent company Symbiotic Design owner, Doug Peters

Domain Hostmaster is a Symbiotic Technologies Network Hostmaster.

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Misconfiguration Goof Corrected

Friday, June 3rd, 2022; 11:45 PM CT

A server was accidently misconfigured for the www. domain address of

This problem has been rectified and the subdomain address is resolving as of this writing. This issue may have caused intermittent periods of the "www." subdomain of the full web address ( to become inaccessible for a few minutes.

Originally, Domain Hostmaster started investigating an attack on the server, only to find out that this was a simple misconfiguration issue.

Do note that the "shop." subdomain web address continued to work without fail and this is where you manage your domains, web hosting, servers, email and webmaster tools (the full .shop subdomain web address is:

We do apologize if this was an inconvenience for anyone that may have encountered any issues in the past 24 hours and pledge that we will pay much more serious attention to our name server address configurations in the future.

The offending party made a mistake and this has been turned into a teaching moment, one they will not likely forget after experiencing the resulting shame and embarrassment (it was the owner).

Again, apologies. This will not happen again.

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Older Page Updates & Ad Removal

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021; 1:08 AM CT
UPDATED Thursday, March 11th, 2021; 5:30 AM CT
UPDATED Friday, April 9th, 2021; 1:20 AM CT

Domain Hostmaster internal www server pages were defaced by a hacker. I've been working steady to rid any evidence that the hacker left any mark on the website and have been addressing and updating otherwise out-date-pages. I have yelled at the techs and asked to prioritize our upgrade to newer servers using cPanel. Passwords have all been updated.

I do apologize to anyone this may have inconvenienced. The hacker only left a few tiny files that redirected traffic from the search engines to adverts, and did not modify any existing files other than the main htaccess redirect.

The Domain Hostmaster www account has been cleaned and rid of the offending material.

As a precaution, the following subdirectories have been added as redirects to the correct URL on the core registration server and shopping cart to avoid any further unauthorized redirection issues (all inks in the list below open in the same tab/window): (login to your account) (backorder domain name) (website backup services) (your website builder plan) (website builder products) (business hosting plans) (online calendar plan) (access your shopping cart) (ssl security certificates) (ssl security certificates) (online storage plans) (customer support contact) (domain names control panel) (domain names control panel) (cpanel web hosting plans) (dedicated server plans) (delegate a trusted agent) (domain registration/search) (domain registration search) (email product plans) (list your email accounts) (email marketing plans) (online help & faq documentation) (online help & faq documentation) (access the hosting manager) (hosted products & plans) (web hosting plans) (aquire a static ip for web hosting) (legal documentation & agreements) (login to your account) (login to check webmail) (list your email accounts) (email marketing plans) (hosting manager) (hosting manager) (managed ssl security certs) (domain control panel) (privacy policy) (register domain name) (register domain name) (renew domain/product) (domain/product renewal) (domain/product renewals) (search for a domain name) (website security plans) (d.i.y. search engine optimization) (dedicated server plans) (dedicated server plans) (products/services shop home) (shopping cart products) (ssl security sertificates) (online storage plans) (customer support contact) (transfer domain) (virtual private servers) (website builder) (webmail login) (website builder) (your website builder sites list) (whois domain lookup tool) (wordpress plans) (workspace email) (wordpress plans)

These subdirectories will work on the naked domain (addresses given above), or with the www. subdomain as a preface. Various basic one-word (or acronym) names exist, some as duplicates, so as to ease memory recall.

While writing this, I have added a few more to add later. The links that are active are working, the text URLs that are not yet linked will be added and this list updated, soon.

I am also still trying to update older files. I have accomplished a great deal along these lines, but the Domain Hostmaster website is a large one and I have lots yet to go. This has been compounded by the fact that the search engines have found more web pages than I thought were available online and public, so of course now those hidden pages are (online & public), and I need to catch-up to the search engine web crawlers.

This update has been necessary in order to keep hyperlink web addresses updated with https:// protocols where applicable, as well as update older changed URLs within the core registration server & cart, and also to update or delete a few other external links that have changed or no longer exist.

I am also taking other security measures at this time and will continue applying others. Thank you for your patience & understanding in this matter. I will post again once I have completed all updates to report such.

Friday, April 9th Update:
I have been working hard to address security issues. I had cleared the offending files a while back, but we are now being hit with intermittent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Because of that, I will be moving to a temporary website account at while I upgrade this account. This move could become permanent if the new web hosting platform isn't up-to-par. I am tired of waiting on the techs, I was promised to have this hosting account upgraded last spring.

Therefore, for that very reason, I am no longer recommending our own shared web hosting services. If I have to step-up with one of my other web hosting solutions to correct the problems here because the techs aren't doing their jobs getting people upgraded to the new accounts on newer technologies, there is something very, very wrong. I have no choice in the matter because of the security issues.

I will post a new news entry once Domain Hostmaster is on the HD Web Hosting platform, but there should be no interuption of service.

I have also been trying to update all the menus and links, but until the website in at least moved temporarily I am concentrating on the security of the website, as opposed to dead links (the general website seems navigable enough). Updated news & info will come in new posts.

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Addressing the Systemic Racism that is Tearing Our Country Apart

Thursday, June 4th, 2020; 7:08 PM CT

Domain Hostmaster mourns the death of a respectful, peaceful innocent & God loving George Floyd, put down by an entitled policeman with his knee in the back of his neck, suffocating him while cutting off the circulation to his brain for nearly 9 minutes. Isn't this the exact same as way a black man dies at a lynching?

This is empowered & entitled racism by not only this officer and his cohorts who all heard the victim and witnesses plead for his life, but showed not one iotta of concern. Not even for what might happen to them.

Even though Domain Hostmaster supports most police and police actions, this display of entitlement to violence by a badge isn't just racist, it goes well beyond, and unfortunately, it comes with renewed vigor in the wake of a racist and uncaring U.S. President that gives not one care for anyone but himself and displays the very same self-important arrogance to do literally anything he wants (or what Putin wants), no matter the legal implications.


Unfortunately, this sort of police entitlement to do whatever to any black man is the problem. It pains me that it survives today and has reignited under Trump's corrupt regime.

Don't choose to be stupid by remaining lazy to the point of ignorance like our President did. He isn't a self-made made man, he never got anywhere without his daddy's millions bailing him out of trouble all the time. He learned business by driving it bankrupt. And this man is as racist as they come because he believes he is better than everyone, not just Mexicans, Chinese, yellows, browns, and blacks; but whites too, or anyone.

He doesn't even know what's in the Bible, much less follow its teachings.

And it is because of him that racist police fear empowered to do whatever they want to any black man on the street without regard for true justice. This has to stop.

VOTE on Novemeber 3rd!

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Addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic

Thursday, June 4th, 2020; 5:54 PM CT

Domain Hostmaster has stayed pretty silent about the COVID-19 Pandemic, wishing to, and trying desperately, to stay nuetral and unpolitical. This is easily something we can do since our business is almost completely online, and in-person meetings with my local customers and clients for support are somewhat of a rarity.

Unfortunately, President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence has been so negligent in their non-handling and non-containment of this killer pandemic that they now have well over 100,000 US American deaths on their hands and have further managed to divide the country into the unfortunates and the rich.

The policies and practices taken by this administration publicly demonstrate incompetence, an unconcerned sociopathic behavior of self-importance to the point of demagoguery & meglomania, along with laziness, hate, prejudice, and a particularly harmful choice of stupidity through ignorance.

In the meantime, the entire Republican party have also demonstrated the complete lack of decency required to right the impending doom by not voting to remove the impeached failure, showing that they themselves are not only as idotic, but that the GOP has no honor.

And the entire scenario is playing out like Trump is Putin's useful idiot because every decision would seem to have come directly from the Russian leader himself in order to interject chaos and corrupt democracy, which has aleready suffered so much that we really don't even have any semblance of the democracy we just enjoyed under a black President Obama.

Don't get me wrong, there are always concerns, means to improve our republic with a great democracy. It is a constant struggle to make things right for everyone. The law and justice should be living and growing with us to make Americans stronger, better off, and allow a healthier, happier nation.

One thing is clear in a Pandemic, that the right of all citizens to a free national healthcare system is a National Security issue.

Yet, as we barely scrape by with so few COVID-19 tests, not enough M-95 masks for our healthcare workers on the front lines, and bidding wars over testing swabs, no extra hospital beds in some parts of the nation, and not enough body bags in others, our impeached President is more concerned about getting back to his golf game than answering the concerns of the majority of all Americans that feel that his systemic racism has not just infected his militarized police forces, but has enhanced their own racism and encouraged their brutality to the point of murdering innocents.

And yet Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Lindsey Graham, Attorney General Bill Barr, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin and the entire GOP are complicit in Treason (#TRE45ON) for holding the entire country hostage and not giving us adequate resources, justice, or representation, as required by the US Constitution.

For God's sake, VOTE on November 3rd!

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.COM Registration and Transfer Pricing to Increase...

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Corporate greed is running rampant, and soon NetSol (the registry that manages the .COM name extension, as well as others) will increase per year registration prices of .COM names to be more in line with the .NET & .ORG per year of registration prices.

This is sad news, that the registry is going to be increasing the price of .COM Top-Level Domains (TLDs), putting excess strain on the small businesses and entrepreneurs vital to an economic recovery, especially in the midst of a pandemic. The .COM domain name extension is our highest searched name, and our top-selling domain name extension. Prices will probably increase soon, the price increase was scheduled for this summer.

This registry price increase is passed on to all registrars and registration services, so the price per year of a .COM domain registration will go up everywhere. We will try to keep the .COM domain name registrations as inexpensive as we can (as we try to do for all our domain name extensions), as too many freelance web designers, developers, domainers, optimizers, marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses rely heavily on these TLD names for branding and recognition.

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1-800 Support Telephone Number Experiment Failed

Sunday, September 16th, 2018

Unfortunately, my attempt to provide everyone with a toll-free business number to access our domains, servers and customer support line has ended in failure.

I attempted to establish an experimental toll-free 1-800 number that customers and design/development professionals could access from anywhere in the US and Canada without charge, and I only revealed this number to customers upon a successful payment.

However, I was quite alarmed at the previous month's last watts line bill and set the number up to call me, so that I could personally give the best support available for domains, hosting, servers and webmaster tools to be found anywhere on the planet.

It turns out that the toll-free number was being used for spamming FAX advertisements communications. Either someone would call and there would be no voice response, or I would get facsimile machine modem noises.

Therefore, it is unfortunate that, I have to shut down the toll-free support number service at the end of the month.

Leave it to a few idiots to screw-up a good thing. Somebody was probably upset with support and gave our number to a FAX spamming service.

The Watts line number used wasn't used as a FAX number for the 2 years I had it, and the FAX communications have only increased. On top of this, there has never been a FAX machine on my end, either with the staff or at my own home office number.

Go figure.

If anyone has an issue with our customer support staff or support services (usually reached through +1.480.624.2500) they are encouraged to call the office and talk to me, directly. I can be reached at +1.605.777.1999.

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Website Updates and a Switch to Google+ Communities

Saturday, June 23st, 2018, 1:01am

Progress on updating the current website is going well. All of the current custom branded "" subdomain addresses on the are being replaced with "" secure hyperlink references throughout the site and we are just cleaning up and making sure there are no old surprises that got away from us.

The about us company info page has been updated and reflects the current state of affairs.

All external links are being updated to secure https:// hyperlink references if available, and if the SSL connection isn't available, we will reconsider the value of the resource, but unless an extremely valuable info only resource (with no commenting, feedback, login or e-commerce), we aren't likely to keep any non SSL/TLS encrypted external resources.

We will also be updating the directory with new found resources and freebies (on secure connections) in the near future, as I have amassed quite a collection and have a bunch myself.

As of yesterday, we have stopped updating our Facebook business/brand page. Now, all updates will be managed at our Google+ Communities page:
("DH" on "G")

Facebook continues to violate its promises to the public, its users, the FCC and the US government and also faces issues with the EU GDPR. It weaponized the user experience and propagandized the online marketing industry while colluding with the Russians. Facebook does not conduct business fairly, or in good faith. It has given the web design and advertising industries a black eye, and continues to do so as of this moment. We will not stand for this.

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Website updates & shopping cart link corrections underway

Friday, June 22st, 2018, 1:37am

I had actually started working on a couple of updates and link corrections yesterday. The Web Entrust Seal displayed on our home page was updated so that it didn't break the security encryption. I added the news updates, and I will be adding a few more as I get things done.

On the To-Do list:

There's more!:

I have been working on a complete update of the front end (all the pages on this www. subdomain) that will be much more mobile friendly, as well.

However, that has unfortunately taken a back seat to the EU GDPR research and I have around 100 websites that I am in the midst of a mad rush to get them all secured with TLS or SSL certificates. Domainance has also been updated with a verified commercial Comodo SSL security certificate ( is our alternate reg site for a few names we can't carry here like .name, .top, and at least some of the Uniregistry names we dropped, listed in the November 17th post, below).

There is a lot more to do, I am probably only just over half of the way through securing my other websites, so The new design interface probably won't materialize until I have that task taken care of, but I will be correcting these minor quirks in the www front end this weekend.

Gotta get some sleep, now... G'night! -DP

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Update Your Websites with an SSL or TLS Web Server Security Certificate

Thursday, June 21st, 2018, 7:08pm

I have been posting everywhere to get your website updated with a security encryption certificate as I race to get an encryption certificate on all of my own domains.

Mozilla FireFox is already posting a slash through the padlock on domain names that should have a security certificate installed.

Google Chrome is scheduled to follow suit on July 1st, 2018, by posting a red alert on an unlocked padlock next to the destination URL for any domain or subdomain that is not equipped with a TLS or SSL encryption certificate.

Failure to comply will jeopardize user trust and hurt traffic expectations for any non-conforming website because of the security implications. Remember, anyone can view your online travels and transactions unless it is secured with encryption.

For the sake of online safety, I also recommend getting a VPN, and I will delve more into this in a future tech article that I will link to from here. But right now, every active domain name you have hosted needs to be locked down with encryption.

Obviously, we can fill that bill by setting you up with a variety of security certificate options:

We offer Standard and Deluxe SSL versions, but Standard is all you need (running just over $30.00/yr for 2 years & includes ID verification assurance for your e-commerce customers, membership logins or feedback forms to help build trust in your website). You honestly can't find a better deal for a commercial server to client encryption certificate.

One of the nice things about our Starfield Technologies SSL server certificates is that they do go for so long (2 years) and you can actually order for multiple domain names at once (each cert covers 1 naked domain and a www subdomain, or a specific subdomain).

Remember, each unique domain or subdomain address needs to be covered with an SSL/TLS security encryption certificate.

That said, there are free options, though these need to be renewed every 3 months, but there are hosts in the game supporting automatic install & renewals. But, they don't offer ID verification so that your e-commerce customers and service clientele are assured you are who you say you are (so get a paid Cert for e-commerce, or when HIPAA is required for medical and insurance regulations).

Check out more info on both the commercial and freebie TLS & SSL encryption Certs at:

There are other commercial security certificate options mentioned in that post, as well.

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Brief outage of www. DH subdomain as Cert installed - shop. sub stayed up

Thursday, June 21st, 2018, 6:06pm

On Tuesday, June 18th, 2018 there was an issue with the eldest web hosting packages. The domains list had a code configuration problem in that control panel and no domains or even the table itself would display. Though corrected soon after that day, this set me back on my schedule and I decided to move on in order to stay on schedule, but that meant that the SSL updates I had planned for the Domain Hostmaster www. subdomain couldn't take place in the middle of the night when very few would've noticed an outage. The outage was caused because I needed to install an SSL, and that meant I had to move the www. subdomain site docs from a subdirectory to the root of the hosting account.

Although that part went without a hitch, I had to move the SSL from the parent reseller registration account to another account just to get the domains switched around. Then, after moving the SSL to the spare account, I could then move the DH www. subdomain files to the root.

Although I did post a note about getting the Starfield SSL applied to the Domain Hostmaster www hosting account on Google+, and I did get done way ahead of my hoped noon deadline, and even though the web presence stayed up, online and allowed full access to the shopping cart, I do apologize if anyone had trouble with navigation on Tuesday morning.

However, please understand that this was a required move, as Mozilla FireFox is already displaying a red slash through the padlock icon next to the web address field when it doesn't find a security certificate present, and Google Chrome will be doing this starting on July 1st, 2018.

Even though the www. subdomain site for Domain Hostmaster has existed solely as an information resource and all transactions have been conducted securely through the registrar's own storefront & shopping cart, it is important to keep everyone assured that we are doing all we can to meet all laws and best practices.

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EU GDPR Compliance Met

Thursday, June 21st, 2018, 5:00pm

Having to post a few updates on the website and discuss server security encryption certificates has reminded me that I should mention that Domain Hostmaster, although catering almost wholly to a US customer base, IS in compliance of the EU's GDPR.

Quite honestly, it took more research than work, but we feel positive that we are already operating in compliance of the European Union's new GDPR guidelines and privacy policies. Most of this was actually done for us by our providing registrar, whom manages millions of registrations and hosting accounts, managed Wordpress accounts, and thousands of web servers in several Network Operations Centers around the globe, including Europe.

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Uniregistry Domain Name Extensions Dropped Due to Constant Price Increases

Friday, November 10th, 2017; 6:27pm

Domain Hostmaster no longer carries the portfolio of new "ICANN Era" gTLD name extensions offered by Uniregistry due to repetitive price increase issues. Most new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) already carry a hefty price tag and come with a significant maintenance (registration and renewal) cost over the cost of traditional .com, .net, .org and the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) extensions (ie: .US).

Although all current Domain Hostmaster new gTLD names from the Uniregistry names registry catalog will not be available for registration, we will continue to support all Uniregistry domain name renewals at right in your familiar 'domain manager' control panel.

The following domain name extensions are affected:

I actually don't believe many DH customers are affected, as the "New ICANN Era" gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) name extensions barely sold because of their higher registration and renewal fees. But Uniregistry's constant price increases make them an especially inappropriate domain name offering when we stand for affordable, discount prices to our online professional customer community.

There are exceptions among ICANN's (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) new era gTLD offerings, though. The new gTLD .company is an exceptional value. It's just a bit long to type.

Also note that .com domains still demand the highest resale cost in the premium domain name aftermarket (.net and country code TLD domains are usually 10% the value of a premium .com domain name and others much less). Part of the reason is that users often automatically type .com (if U.S. Americans), or their country code TLD (ccTLD) if they are from anywhere else.

That said, we didn't forget those who would truly want to stick with the Uniregistry brand domain name extensions. We had already started a new registration resource when our authorizing partner registrar (Wild West Domains) stopped carrying the ICANN gTLD .name extension, and we do offer all of the Uniregistry gTLD name extensions there:


The one catch is that I had initially set Domainance up as a registration service resource, I was doing it for myself, staff, family and friends. Therefore, it currently uses PayPal exclusively as a payment processor. If there is real interest in this additional registration resource, that will change and I will add another payment processor (or possibly a few).

Resource Links: Domainance (for .name & Uniregistry domains). Domain Hostmaster website home. Domain Hostmaster store shop home. Resell the DH catalog through Worldwide Web Domains & Networks. Resell the Domainance internet services & product catalog.

Questions? You can contact me ('Doug') directly at sales through our new phone number:

+1 (605) 256-8973
+1 (605) 777-1984

(-possibly easier to remember?)

Post updated: Thursday, November 23rd, 2017; 8:30pm... Happy Thanksgiving!

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Australian ccTLD Name Extensions Added to our Catalog

Sunday, August 13th, 2017; 12:45pm

Australian domain name extensions are new!

I just finished marking down:

Now priced from $4.00 to $25.98 USD!

Get yourself some of that ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain)!

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New Era gTLD (nTLD) Registries with Glitches - RESOLVED:

Sunday, July 16th, 2017; 6:10pm

As ICANN rolls-out so many new gTLDs to the market, we have had a couple of glitches in a few of the registry extensions. I am trying to provide the lowest possible registration, renewal and transfer in prices, as always at Domain Hostmaster, but have had a few glitches with a few registries along the way. I have been in contact with our domain name registrar techs and unfortunately am still awaiting resolution on certain extensions.

You can still register these new gTLDs, I just have not been able to lower the registration, renewal and transfer prices, yet.

The affected new gTLD registry extensions are:


Sunday, August 13th, 2017; 6:36am

The offending domain extension glitches have been rectified by the techs and I have resolved the standard rate overpricing issues by discounting their registration & renewal prices as far as I can take them. That is, the techs have addressed the program pricing issues approximately August 8th, 2017 and I have now discounted prices by the morning of August 13th, 2017.

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The New ICANN Era gTLD Extensions:

Friday, July 14th, 2017; 4:14pm

Over the last few years, we have been diligently adding all of the "new gTLD" registries with their various new extension offerings. This is reflected in our domain name catalog. However, we think we need to give a few clarifications in the interest of truth and justice.

Yes, ICANN has released a burdensome amount of new domain name extensions. It's actually quite hard to keep up. The problem is that although the reported reason was to alleviate the domain name space, as so many .com names are now taken, ICANN has become corrupt and is trying to extort registrants with high registration and renewal costs, as well as reserving special words and names as premium names priced with over-extremely high registration and renewal fees.

Examples are the nearly $3000.00 annual registration & renewal fees for names that are not considered premium .auto, .autos, & .car; making the very proliferation of these domain names slow and burdensome, because the registration/renewal fees are so exorbitant.

ICANN's obvious greed to grab registrant dollars does not stop there though, because as a free capitalistic country that believes in opportunity and free enterprise, as a society we have deliberately made branding and company names the most affordable part of starting a business. That is, until ICANN decided to add domain extensions and enter brand name space.

The parent company to Domain Hostmaster is Symbiotic Design, so we have registered many of the initial domain name extensions (.com, .net, .org) at reasonable annual rates. Of course, we also had to register Symbiotic.Design at an inflated, over-charged rate, just to protect our name.

So what it boils down to is that even though the new name extensions allow people to register names that are already taken in .com domain space, it also requires businesses of all sizes to protect their interests in any associated domain extensions.

By doing this, ICANN is increasing the investment required of entrepreneurs, companies and corporations in securing & protecting names across the board as ICANN expands their reach from domain name space, to name brand space, which is an area where they have no business nor any authority.

If you question my synopsis of the current situation, please note that ICANN has started the ICANN Mark Clearing House. And though registration is expensive and does not protect your name, your brand, or your mark in any way what-so-ever, they still rely on Trademark registration by the authoritative agency (in the US, that would be the United States Patent Office), just to participate.

Needless to say, we are in the business of selling domain names, and we take great pride in that, Domains is right in our name, Domain Hostmaster. We offer the best prices and support, as well as a huge catalog of TLDs, nTLDs, & ccTLDs (Top Level Domains, new TLDs & country code TLDs) and are therefore renown among our colleagues, peers and online professionals (domainers, web designers, site developers, search optimizers, online marketers & bloggers).

But in this business it is also necessary to point out that .com had, in its first couple years, more registrations than all of the new ICANN era TLDs (nTLDs, now often referred to as gTLDs) in their last few introductory years (dating back to 2014).

So I think that it is obvious that we need to point out that while a good new era nTLD (aka gTLD) might make a great branding investment, you should always back it with a .com, if you reasonably can. In example, the domain name Symbiotic.Design redirects to and will until such a time as the new gTLDs are common and people don't just accidentally type .com as an extension.

Another domain name option to consider is the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) of your country. Most countries other that the US use their country code designation showing patriotism for their nation and enhancing locality. The .us domains are exceptionally reasonably priced, well below .com & .net, and offer no penalty for use by the search engines.

I will be updating this news section with a new post about some of the new ICANN era TLDs that we are not able to reduce the prices on. Otherwise, all of the old TLDs, nTLDs/gTLDs, & ccTLDs in our catalog are priced as absolutely low as we can get them, a factor we take great pride in so that we can be a great resource to domainers, branders, developers, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Thanks for using Domain Hostmaster!

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New Dedicated Sales Phone Number

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017; 4:48am

We have added the following number as a dedicated sales line:


We hope this will increase pre-order and customer communication effectiveness. Feel free to call us if you need assistance.

Alternatively, you can reach sales through email:

Thank you for supporting our efforts at Domain Hostmaster! We try to cut-out the spam and give you the very best prices available (prices that every web professional... webmasters, admins, web designers, site developers and search optimizers) deserve, without competing with your offers. We do have to have some do-it-yourself solutions for those that require it, but nothing can compete with a fully customized and tailored product. Use us and keep your customers!

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Finished Adding New ICANN Era gTLD Extensions:

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015; 11:14pm

Finally done adding the latest round of the New ICANN Era generic/global TLD extension registries. Because there have been so many new registries added over the last couple of days, I'll simply list all of the domain name extensions added over the past couple of days that are available at Domain Hostmaster now.


The domain name extensions that are marked with an asterisk (*) are available but still need the prices lowered yet due to a glitch. Special Domain Services are working on correcting the glitch for .auction, .dentist, .degree, .forsale and .band, so these gTLDs will have an additional price reduction as soon as the back end glitch is addressed and fixed.

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Added .rehab gTLD, issues with other registries:

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015; 12:28am

The .rehab domain name extension was added and marked down to the lowest price point. However, we are having a problem adjusting the prices for the following gTLD extensions and Special Domain Services are working on it:


These domain name extensions are still available for registration, we simply haven't been able to reduce their prices to rock bottom yet, as we traditionally do. We do expect resolution on this matter within a few days.

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Added & Lowered New ICANN Era gTLDs:

Monday, February 23rd, 2015, 10:26am

The following ICANN Era generic/global Top Level Domain (gTLD) name extensions have been added and priced at absolute minimums:



We are having issues reducing the costs of the following gTLDs:


The issue with reducing the prices for these domain names has been reported to Special Domain Services and they are working to resolve these issues.


Only the front page is going to be updated with our list of the new "ICANN Era" gTLD name extension registries, as we still have to update our lists of offered domain names and yet have more to add to the current list. Once we have caught up with the new wave of ICANN releases, and successfully reduced their prices, we will update each list again and report them as updated here in the news section.

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[RESOLVED] Offline Glitched Domains Still Online

Saturday, September 27th, 2014, 10:03pm

The original issue is obviously more complicated than first thought. Even deactivating the glitchy domain names has no affect, they seem to remain active and available, anyway. But know that if you select a domain extension which has no price (or a $0.00 price), that name extension will cause an error when you proceed to your shopping cart and the entire contents of your shopping cart will be emptied, requiring you to go through registration all over again.

Again, we are sorry for this inconvenience nd ask that you understand. Special Domain Services is working on the issue, though because it is the weekend, labor and resources are stressed. We hope to have the issue resolved and the problem corrected within 72 hours.

Please note that any of the other new domain name extensions that show a price do work fine, and all of the traditional domain extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc..) will register easily without error, as well.

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Updated List of Extensions with Glitches

Saturday, September 27th, 2014, 3:14pm

A glitch in the registrar system has taken the price of certain specific new 'ICANN Era' gTLD name extensions. Putting a domain extension into your cart that doesn't have a price displayed will empty your cart.

For now, the affected registries with reported glitches have been taken offline. We will make them available with the previous low prices as soon as they become available again.


Currently, the affected ICANN Era gTLD extension registries are:

  1. .accountants
  2. .associates
  3. .capital
  4. .care
  5. .cash
  6. .church
  7. .clinic
  8. .credit
  9. .creditcard
  10. .dental
  11. .digital
  12. .discount
  13. .engineering
  14. .exchange
  15. .fail
  16. .finance
  17. .financial
  18. .fish
  19. .fitness
  20. .fund
  21. .furniture
  22. .gratis
  23. .gripe
  24. .horse
  25. .industries
  26. .insure
  27. .investments
  28. .kim
  29. .kiwi
  30. .lease
  31. .life
  32. .vegas

The current active new ICANN Era gTLD extensions list is reflected in the Alphabetical ICANN Era gTLD Extensions list.

If you spy any other domain name extensions that don't have a price, you can help us out by reporting it/them, though we do think our list above is complete, now.

Our sincere apologies for this incredible inconvenience goes out to all. Special Domain Services will work to research and resolve this issue and then correct whatever practice caused the issue in the first place.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Glitch with Some of the New 'ICANN Era' gTLD Name Extensions

September 27th, 2014, 7:41am

Due to a glitch in the system, we have deactivated the following registries:

These registry extensions will remain offline until the issue is researched, resolved and completely corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience to yourself and/or your business.

If you do spot an extension that does not have a price when you look through the suggestions, don't select it. The extensions that we are having trouble with do not list a price, and if you put it in your cart, it will clear the cart.

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New 'ICANN Era' Domain Name Registry Extensions

September 1st, 2014

The new 'ICANN Era' domain name extensions are out. Each registry may have generic or Trademark names held in reserve, or require acknowledgement of someone's mark in order to register.

The list of these available generic global Top Level Domain (gTLD) name registries is long, with many more such name extensions yet to be announced, but this system does provide a manner of protection for brands along the lines of making brands too expensive to lock down in every category. This however, is our very criticism of the new ICANN Era flood of domain names which are prohibitively priced and often overly redundant.

To check out the 'New ICANN Era' domain name extensions, check the following lists:

After adding new domain name extensions and editing their prices to give the best possible deal, the tiny list of available extensions on the front page is always updated first, then the larger individual lists may be updated the following day and lastly, the list of all available extensions is updated.

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