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Available Traditional Global Top Level Domain Name Extensions (Pre-2014)

Domain Hostmaster has been offering the dot coms, the dot nets, dot orgs and other traditional Top Level domain name extensions since January of 2003. We are proud of our competitive rates, allowing online professionals an affordable solution for domains and hosting. We are proud to offer a wide variety of domain name extensions to the public. This allows all customers the ability to easily search for and register viable names at affordable rates intended for online professionals.

However, the list of available extensions used to be manageable by selecting an extension from a simple drop-down menu. Recently, ICANN has released 128 new global Top Level Domain (gTLD) name extensions.

In the interest of usability and website friendliness, we now allow our customers to input the domain name extension of their choice into a text field, instead of scrolling forever to find a selection. But with 128 new gTLDs and many more on the way, our customer has to know which ones are available.

This page is meant to serve that purpose by listing all of the traditional (pre-2014) gTLD (global Top Level Domain) extensions available for registration at Domain Hostmaster. After all, with over 128 new extensions from ICANN, we don't want to lose sight of the importance of the elder domain name extensions.

Although this list is much smaller, it represents the vast majority of registered gTLDs. The original Top Level Domain registry's extensions are bolded and pre-date ICANN.


Traditional gTLD Extensions

gTLD Use intended Availability Open Reg?
.com (commercial/business) Yes Yes
.net (networks/networking) Yes Yes
.org (nonprofit/organizations) Yes Yes
.int (international charities/treaties) No No
.edu (U.S. educational) No No
.gov (U.S. government) No No
.mil (U.S. military) No No
.biz (commercial/business) Yes Yes, business*
.info (informative) Yes Yes
.mobi (mobile) Yes Yes
.name (personal/family) discontinued here Yes, Domainance
.jobs (job postings) Yes Yes
.me (personal) Yes Yes
.xxx (adult entertainment) Yes Yes

The original Top Level Domain registries were for the extensions .com, .net, .org, .int, .edu, .gov and .mil. The last two in that sentence are used exclusively by the U.S. government for government sites and military needs. The .edu domain was intended exclusively for all educational institutions (from primary and elementary schools on up), but is now used almost exclusively by accredited colleges and universities (some schools were grandfathered in prior to the requirement of accreditation recognition). The .int domain extension is strictly intended for international non-profit organizations, offices and programs that that are endorsed by a treaty between two or more nations.

*The .biz extension was created specifically to relieve the burden on .com names and branding. Although it is an open registration, if not used for a commercial entity, its registration may be challenged.

Other TLDs include the .coop which was intended for cooperatives, and the .bbs was for the computer Bulletin Board System networks active before the internet became popular.

The above list could be considered a list of premium extensions, as with the new gTLD extensions released by ICANN for registration by the public starting in 2014, there are now so many gTLD extensions that it is hard to remember most of them, most likely making names using these extensions in their addresses more mental retention worthy.

However, now many new brands can be created with the new ICANN gTLD extensions.

Note also that certain countries genericized their domains by not requiring residence in order to register them. Some examples are the .TV, .WS and .CO extensions. Although generic, these domain name extensions are still country/location code domain name extensions.

Pre-2014 gTLD registries
New ICANN gTLD registries
Country (ccTLD) registries


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