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Domain Hostmaster™ has a long history of offering among the most reduced prices on domains, web hosting and tools available anywhere on the web because we cater to web professionals that know what these products and services cost, purchase in large quanities for themselves and possibly for clients (though not always at once to constitute a bulk order).

Because of this we cannot afford to compete with PPC advertising schemes for high bids, most of our marketing is done in-house or by word-of-mouth. Therefore, we do appreciate any links back to Domain Hostmaster™ that the public would like to share for their friends or customers on their website, blog or via social media.

To add a link back to us, simply add the code below to your website or blog:

<p><strong><a title="Domain Hostmaster for Domains,
Web Hosting, Servers and Webmaster Tools" target="_blank"
href="">Domain Hostmaster</a></p>

That code will result in a hyperlink that looks like this:

Domain Hostmaster

Or, if you are using Word or a WYSIWYG website/blog builder, just copy the link over with the formatting.

Another option is to link directly to the shop...

<p><strong><a title="Domain Hostmaster for Domains,
Web Hosting, Servers and Webmaster Tools" target="_blank"
href="">Domain Hostmaster</a></p>

That code will result in a hyperlink that looks like this:

Domain Hostmaster

Either link is appreciated and will open a new tab or window so that the visitor can close that one after checking us out and still see your website.

To link to us on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, or even in email, just post any of the following bare links within your post:

Link URL 1:

Link URL 2:

Short Link URL:

Short Link URL 2:

In a blog post like on Blogger, you may have to select the link and hit the chain link button in the formatting toolbar.

We do have a large assortment of other web properties we are trying to promote, as well. See the list below. If you are willing to add a link to them somewhere, the link is given before the paragraph and the naked link follows it...

Parial List of Our Own Network of W3 Sites...

Symbiotic Design
All website template designs and supporting images within our own network of world wide web site properties, including this website, have been designed by Symbiotic Design. Symbiotic Design now manages brands, domains, intellectual properties and an entire portfolio of website estates. We are positive image, identity and presence experts.

Domain Hostmaster
Most of our Domain Names are registered at Domain Hostmaster, a leading independent Domain Name Registrar. For the best possible prices on Domain Names with the best name management tools and support available anywhere, visit Domain Hostmaster.

Resell crucial business internet services. Instant website back-end setup upon easy-to-configure customization. Offer Domain registrations, transfers, backorders, web hosting and e-commerce software. Dedicated and virtual servers also available. Resell managed, hosted Wordpress and other site builders, 128 bit SSL security certificates, shopping cart web app scripts, DIY online site optimization and submission services and other online tools assures that you can provide crucial Internet services and solutions to any business. Highly lucrative!

Domainance is a partner registration service which allows Symbiotic Design™, our clients and even Domain Hostmaster™ customers, to expand its ICANN 'New Era' gTLD catalog & choices with a selection of domain names extensions from registries not supported by Domain Hostmaster™ selection (as large as it is, there are more global Top Level Domains available).

HD Web Hosting
Heavy Duty Web Hosting for High-Definition, High Traffic Business Websites! Inexpensive, full featured Debian Linux Apache MySQL PHP web hosting solutions for serious business, e-commerce & high profile websites on a reliable platform. Free domain and Site Studio online website builder with each account. Free web hosting reseller accounts also available.

Site Host Pros
This site is hosted by Site Host Pros. Site Host Pros offers affordable RedHat Linux Apache HTTP Server website hosting on dual 2.6 GHz Intel® Xeon processor based webservers with 3GB RAM with PHP web application optimization on multiple high speed backbones. Each account also features its own dedicated static IP. A static IP ensures the best possible web hosting contribution to, and protection of, your optimization efforts. This combination provides the best possible results in the search engine listings. Site Host Pros™ additionally offers cPanel website account control panels for ease of use by the beginner and professional webmaster alike.

Domainers' domain names, premium domain names for sale portfolio and webmaster resources.

Worthful Products and Software. Fonts, clip-art, and graphics recommendations, as well as some highlights on tech products. All recommendations is for stuff that I actually use, though there may be a few reviews of stuff I tried and didn't like. This website is still in development.

Maria's Violin & Viola Lessons
Maria Peters is an excellent European trained, classical violinist, violist and teacher for youth and adults alike. She's also my wife. Maria can perform solo or with accompaniment for weddings, parties or special events.

Professional Hosting in South Dakota
A catalog of our own extended network of South Dakota professional web hosting solutions and resources.

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